• Kitchenette

    Fully equipped with pots, plates/dishes, pans, cutlery.

  • Hairdryer

    There is one in every bathroom

  • Iron

    Available upon request.

  • LCD TV set

    There is one in each suite.

  • Microwave oven

    There is one in the kitchenette.

  • Safe

    Each suite has a safe with a combination lock.

  • Agreed upon facilities

    Agreed upon beach facilities.

  • Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi available in the residence.

  • Animals

    Pets are welcome.

  • Shower

    There is a shower stall in every bathroom.

  • Bicycles

    Complementary use of bicycles available for your stay.

  • Beds

    Comfortable mattresses to allow you to rest well.

  • Washing machine

    Complementary use; located in the shared space.

  • Air conditioning/ventilating system

    Air-con and heating available in every room.

Additional notes:

– Bicycles for both men and women available, with possibility to add a child seat.
– The washing machine is located in the shared space.
– There is a lift.
– One suite is organized for wheelchair access.
– Agreed upon facilities for beaches, restaurants and swimming pool.